Who doesn’t like rain?

Sure there are those days you get caught out with your umbrella still in the hall closet; or you are stuck in the middle of nowhere with a flat; but by and large there is just something about a rainy day that makes you want to curl up with a steaming mug of whatever, a good book, some snacks and, if you are lucky, a pooch you can pet every so often.

Flatlanders seem to dislike rain, though it is definitely preferable to 4 feet of that yukky white stuff and 40 below! My theory is that most find rain inconvenient, sort of like that mama black bear having lunch on the far side of the berry picking patch.

I grew up on an island where rain came in two varieties – a gentle misty rain that coated you in a light dampness and a southeaster rain that drove right through you like a Gatling gun. It might sound a bit odd but I liked both! The gentle misty rain was cooling on a hot day or even on those days I had to peddle up Hardy’s Hill with a tuba in my newspaper basket. The southeaster rain was all about the power of Mother Nature, pounding surf, driving wind and all. On those days there was nothing better than running on the logs with the salt wind and rain in your face and the possibility of being swept out to sea (ok I was a bit of an adrenaline junkie as a kid).

Are you a Pluviophile too? Your Tango has a whole writeup on how to tell if you are a lover of rain.

And do remember your umbrella next time, eh!

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