The Me Bits

“Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky.”

Sitting in a rather cluttered workshop contemplating the world.
Kahlil Gibran

About: Ottawa based IT type. Dad to the coolest #Autistic teenager in the world, a wife with the patience of Job and the cutest durned pup on the planet!

The Work Bits: ex-Military signals (two tours Middle East peacekeeping service), ex-weatherman (Environment Canada), technology consultant currently working as a WFH SME / Engineer for a proudly Canadian micro-system company.

Hobbies & Minor Obsessons: Art, writing, music (Classic Rock / Folk Rock, Classical, Smooth Jazz & Pink Floyd), Baseball (Blue Jays), Hockey (Canuck fan since Day 1), crafts of most kinds and Miss Frieda the Wonder Hound.

Contact: Sometimes found on Mastodon ( Roams Facebook after hours as the senior admin on the Canadian Artists Association Facebook group.

Deosil is the evolution of the FortissiME and DigitalTwilight websites, reflecting my own peek at the world and the expression it gives me in return.