Cellphone pouch from recycled seatbelt

Ok, I admit it, I like recycling / upcycling / finding new purposes for old or discarded items!

Recently my company asked that I start carrying my business phone with me after hours. A simple request that goes with my position within the company (server SME assisting on-call engineers). The pain of it is when traveling or just out and about carrying two phones in my satchel or shoulder bag (I hate sitting on my wallet so carry a man-purse etc. when out of the house). Either I am rooting about in my bag for a ringing phone or I forget one of them on the charging stand (also recycled wood) on my desk.

Cellphone pouch from recycled seatbelt

Rooting about in one of my many ‘tickle trunks’ downstairs I came upon a goodly length of seatbelt strapping from gawd only knows where! Instantly an idea came into my woolly nogging – why not turn the strapping into a cellphone pouch for the shoulder strap on my bag.

Now recently I been gifted (gotta love Buy Nothing groups on FB) a leather sewing kit, awl, needles and guides. What an opportunity to try out the kit and make my phone case!

This is the result, not super stitchery but adequate for the purpose. Will update on how it does as I try it out!


**UPDATE** – turned out to not work so great with my phone (scratchy and a bit fumbly getting my phone out while walking) so it will end up on the strap of my tool bag for my leatherman tool and a couple other hand tools I am constantly rooting in the bag for.

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