The number 6000 has significance. We will not learn how to live together in peace by killing each other's children - Jimmy Carter.

The number 6000 has significance:

  • The year 6000 in the Hebrew calendar dignifies the end of the Messianic Age (we are currently in year 5776).
  • In numerology 6000 is considered an Angel Number, representing the wholeness of family and infinite potential
  • Still with numerology, 6000 reduces to 6, considered one of the three Goddess Numbers in Wiccan spirituality (with 3 and 9).
  • 6000 is more than the population of children aged 1 – 14 in my hometown, Campbell River (5435 according to the last census).
  • 6000 is more than the current population of Walkerton (4960) and twice the population of Wingham (2932), where you might be reading this.
  • And 6000 is the seating capacity of Meridian Centre in St Catharines. Sandman Centre in Kamloops and Chilliwack Coliseum in Chilliwack, where you might have sat to watch your kids playing hockey.

But there is a 6000 we should not be proud of, it is the number of children killed in Gaza in the last two months, and for that there needs to be more than 6000 thoughts and prayers.

Just saying… ๐Ÿ™

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