The Repair shop - excellent series and I got the book for Xmas!

It’s a rarity for me, 10 days off over Xmas; sadly my wife has to work through the holidays so Sam and I are left to our own devices. Amongst other activities we have prepared 14 bags of clothes for giveaway to our buy nothing Facebook group (great concept – join in your neighbourhood if available!), built a robot we will be testing shortly, eaten far too many ju jubes and licorice (sour peaches for Sam) and generally been laid back lunch buckets. Part of the relaxation is some binge watching on TV. Here’s our list for 2023.

  • Hallmark Christmas Rom-coms: Ok, this might be weird but we both enjoy them for their lush scenery and happy endings guaranteed. Ladies, a lot more men than you realize like Hallmark movies – most are just afraid to admit it in public. 😉
  • The Repair Shop (British and Australian versions): This is an excellent series, as much for the feel good fuzzies at the end of each segment as for the experts working on restorations. My wife actually bought me The Repair Shop book for Xmas – heaven!
  • World Championship Junior Ice Hockey Championships: This has become somewhat of a tradition for us. This year they are in Gothenburg, Sweden so some early morning hockey hits the spot!
  • Shetland (Season 8): The series is coming on one episode at a time now on BritBox so we are waiting just a bit to binge the whole series. Very curious to see the new dynamics with Perez gone and a lady detective replacing him.
  • Wind River (Netflix): Jeremy Renner is more than a Marvel caricature, as this movie shows. Critics might pan it and it can be a bit graphic in parts, but it will leave you thinking. Elizabeth Olsen is a bit wooden but there is a strong supporting cast. Sleeper but a good one imho.
  • Call The Midwife (BBC): This is such a good storyline, with a strong cast. My wife has seen the Christmas 2023 special but I haven’t had a chance yet so no spoilers please! I have to admit I have been a Jenny Agutter fan since Walkabout days.
  • Star Wars Marathon: What would Xmas be without this marathon? I haven’t seen some of the newer ones so looking forward to The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker.
  • Hector and The Search for Happiness (Netflix): I have already seen this movie but it bears seeing twice or more just for Simon Pegg, Toni Colette and Rosamund Pike.
  • All The Light You Cannot See (Netflix): Another on my to watch list, this period piece / mini series from WW2 looks to be a good one.
  • Three Pines (CBC Gem): I have never seen a movie or series where Alfred Molina failed to impress (check out his ‘Mayor’ in ‘Chocolat’ if you are in doubt). I watched the first two episodes of the series and have been hankering to get back and see the next 8 in season 1.

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