The smell of rain can reduce stress and raise the mood 60%!

The sticky days of Summer are upon us – soggy daytime highs in the low 30’s, where leaving the front door is like walking into a carwash.

This week has been especially bad, living in a red brick house the temperature has not dropped below 28 in the house. Even the AC hasn’t been able to keep up and Miss Frieda has been crunching an endless supply of ice cubes.

With the weather like this, sleeping is a real ‘treat’, usually about 4 hours worth before the sweat starts sticking me to the sheets. And I notice Frieda has been nipping out to do her business then sitting at the back door ready to go inside again.

This afternoon that all changed, the first rumbles of thunder followed by two hours of rain. I think we could smell the rain before it began to fall but what a treat to walk past the fans in the windows and smell that combination of wet earth and pollen wafting in.

And the temperature dropped! Frieda definitely noticed, grabbing her ball and heading out back to play fetch in the rain (she hates getting wet btw), literally bouncing with the extra energy she has been missing the last few days!

It’s funny, in a few short months we will be back into Winter on the tundra, but for now we are complaining about the heat and humidity. Well, not the heat so much as the ever-present cloying moisture in the air as you waddle out to fetch the mail.

Gotta love climate change!

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