Spirituality has long been a strong interest of mine. Not religion per se, with its’ trappings and rituals, adherence to this creed or that, and the general kowtowing to people you know are into the whole game for the money.

I started serious study way back, about 1973 or so, with the usual teenaged Ouija Boards and Tarot Cards. Astrology was something you read with mild interest in the morning newspaper.

As time passed I drifted through a number of ‘faiths’, even spending a couple of years deep within the ‘Fundie Movement’. That came to an abrupt end when I watched how ‘Elders’ treated their children with by raising them ‘raising by hand’! Almost came to fisticuffs in the middle of a service over that one!

I continued to study on my own, Cunningham, Lao Tsu, Buddha, all the masters literally.

In 2000, while returning from several years in the United States I was invited to a retreat outside Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario conducted by Proud Woman, Bear Clan Mother. After the first day at the retreat I finally felt my spirit coming home, and stayed in the Soo for two years to study with Proud Woman and her trusty assistant Red Otter. The culmination of my study were several ‘warrior sweats’ and a naming ceremony.

It was here that Kwee Cha:La Atsay became a full partner in my spiritual journey, which continues to this day.

Segui to all the material and information I have collected in the past 50 odd years, I have decided to make this information available via the web in the form of a web-app / website.

This you can find at The Book of Kwee. I hope some of this information is helpful to you. There will be lots more as I find the time to upload more data.


Kwee / Mark

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