Don’t you just love list memes on social media?

Obviously a lot of people do as they have become a very popular type of click-bait! There is just something about ’24 Hollywood Celebrities You Never Knew Had 2 Heads… And a Hump!”.

I am OCD, not too proud of the fact, but I do like my special brand of ‘organized’ (which drives my wife nutz when I put things away in a ‘logical’ place – for me!). Lists are part of that organization, everything from a list of items Sam will need for orientation camp at Algonquin College (practical) to a list of ‘treats’ Miss Frieda can have without calling the vet (definitely practical – but who knew she would go gaga for watermelon – which is good for her by the way), to a list of Linux distro’s I have tried just to say that I have tried them (less practical but always on the lookout).

This section of ‘Life’ is dedicated to lists – my own, ones I have come across and an open invitation for others to send me their lists.

Now first on the list…

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