recycled leather goods - such fun!

Hmmm… that title looks bad, but I love leather especially making things out of discarded bits of leather or hide that I come across in my travels. And talking about travels, it was a sad day indeed to find that someone had pilfered my leather tools (including a moose and a caribou hide!) in the move to the United States.

I am probably not the best at the craft, probably never will be (rheumatoid arthritis will do that but that’s a whine for another day or not at all!), but i enjoy making ‘new’ from old and discarded leather.

As I mentioned last post i was gifted a set of leather tools from my Buy Nothing group on Facebook, great people, and so after a couple months sitting on the shelf I was feeling a bit guilty! Yesterday’s post was about repurposing an old seatbelt, so today into the leather proper, with some nifty stuff that came with the leather kit!

One more cellphone pouch, a coin pouch and a new fob for my keys… And the bug is just getting rolling!


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