Peace! an AI version of what I would have looked like in The Summer of Love!

Wow, it has been awhile! Life does tend to do that, getting in the way or just being there like a giant sponge to suck up all the positive energy you possess.

Maybe it’s the weather, plus 15 one day then plunging to -10 the next. With her new quilty jacket at least Frieda is happy to snoot about in the backyard, though truth be known she is mighty fond of just lounging on the couch with her head in my lap. I don’t mind that at all. I find the constant up and down, temperature and humidity is driving my arthritis nutz. This afternoon I had to replace the wipers on the Rogue. At -7 it took about 3 minutes for the tips of my fingers to lose all feeling. Like a weenie I went inside to warm up before finishing what would normally take me 5 minutes. Gawd getting old is for the birds!

For Xmas Missus Bear bought me a heated back belt and one for my neck. Blessings indeed, they make a big difference and I highly recommend.

I also broke down over Xmas and bought a new laptop (my PC was 10 years old). Good deal at BestBuy – 15.6″ Ryzen 5 Series 7000, 16 Gb of RAM and 1 Tb M2 drive for under $800 Canuck Bucks! Touch screen to boot though my OCD nature means I will hate every fingerprint on the screen if I ever try that function out! Windows 11, which surprisingly is better than the Win10 I was using before. Def not Linux class but I do have Mint running in a VBox VM so semi happy. We will see, if it starts to Pi$$ me off i will simply flatten and load Mint.

I literally have not written a lick or even cracked open my sketchbook in months. Feeling a bit guilty but I find with my job ramping up this past Fall (Broadcast Engineering – Server SME) after a day of debugging duplicate routes and wonky VM’s my eyeballs are about halfway across the room, and content to see what comes up on PlutoTV. Hoping that Spring will bring more energy and I can at least get outside to do some watercolours or something.

So the semi-boring middle aged life continues. When I get a chance I will post more recipes – I have been trying a few new things this winter, especially the air fryer oven Sam and I bought for Missus Bear for Christmas. Stay Tuned!



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