Zero dollars laptop cart made from discarded items.

There is a popular Sunday Night sport here in Ottawa On Tundra – strolling the neighbourhood in search of treasures at the curb before the garbageman hauls them away on Monday morning!

The stuff at the curb absolutely amazes me! Obviously in another lifetime I must have been a second hand dealer or something, but year old TV’s, many dressers, coffeetables and end tables, even the odd dining room suite! Cmon people surely we aren’t ALL Charlie and Connie Consumer. Sure some of the stuff there has been through a war or perhaps weekend rough-housing in the living room but in many cases goodies are just waiting for a new life rather than the garbage truck compactor or the landfill!

Anyway, as you can see I have started a ‘Recycling’ section on my blog, things I have repurposed or given second life. This is not a ‘Look at Me!’ but hopefully a place to give others ideas for their own repurposing projects, maybe even connect a few people looking and giving.

Online check out the local Buy Nothing groups on Facebook! They are great groups helping each other out and keeping things in need of a new home out of the landfill.

(yes, that is my laptop cart – works great and I can roll it anywhere in the house!)

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