A few years ago an emergency trip to the hospital resulted in me emerging less one gall bladder. Since this rather benign little organ is responsible for breaking down fats I figured my career as a french fry and deep-fried Chinese dishes gourmande was at an end.

Fast forward to two Christmases ago and while Sam and I were out looking for something for Missus Bear, we spotted a nifty little air fryer that ended up under the tree. The air fryer was great, except it took forever to make enough fries for the three of us.

Next up was the air fryer lid / attachement for our Instant Pot. More capacity and flexibility, except for one reason or another I have never got the hang / felt comfortable working with the Instant Pot.

Like many kitchen gadgets the air fryer and the fryer lid for the Instant Pot became dust collectors on the shelf.

Fast forward again to Xmas 2023. Sam and I were noodling about Bayshore looking for something(s) cool for Missus Bear for Christmas. One thought was a branded hockey team toque (probably Montreal) so off to the sports hat shop.

Whoops it was gone… Instead Stokes had opened up a kitchenware shop. I began to drool…

There right at the front was an air fryer oven – two racks, multifunctions, even large enough to do a Swiss Chalet style whole chicken. We looked at each other and nodded.

So this will be a running article of what we have learned about the new air fryer oven…

Best Roasted Potatoes In The World: Dice potatoes to roasting size. Microwave for 8 – 10 minutes (sort of par boiling). Toss with Olive Oil and spices (I use chili, paprika and oregano). Into the air fryer for 10 minutes at 395F, flip and 6-8 more minutes at 395F depending on how crispy you like. To die for…

Chicken Fingers or Strips: From frozen, 10 minutes @ 400F, flip and another 6-8 at 400F. Perfectly done and crispy.

Chicken Breasts: Boneless, thawed. Toss with Olive Oil and spices. 10 minutes @ 390F, flip and 10 more minutes @ 390F then test for ‘doneness’. Might need another couple minutes.

Toasted Cheese Open Face Sandwiches (a fave here with Farm Boy Irish Cheddar): Prep sandwiches as you would for the oven. Into the air fryer for 6 minutes @400F, cheese will be all melty good with a crispy crust and bread will be toasted from top and bottom.

More to come…

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