Our Air Fryer

This will be an ongoing post so bookmark it if you are interested.

The more I play with the Air Fryer Oven the easier and more efficient it gets (and me!). Other than learning not to use the microwave at the same time (same circuit – avoiding trips to the basement to flip the breaker) here are some of the times I have found for cooking things to deliciousness:

  • Bratwurst (excellent) – 12 minutes @ 380F
  • Smokies (so good) – 13 minutes @ 380F
  • Roasted carrots – 12 minutes @ 380F
  • Roasted Potatoes – nuke first for a few minutes then 10 minutes @ 390F
  • Bacon (so crisp!) – 12 minutes @ 400F, flip halfway and place on paper towel afterwards to soak up any excess grease
  • Chicken Breasts (coat with olive oil and fave spices so they don’t stick) – 22 minutes @ 385F, flip halfway

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